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  • 液力偶合器
    Huarui Mining Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd. of Henan Province is a research,development,production,marketing products,the professional manufacturer hydraulic transmission,with high-level professional and technical personnel more than 20,more than 100 sets of main production equipment,including sophisticated testing equipment for more than 10 pieces(sets),product design is reasonable,compact structure,beautiful appearance,reliable performance,use the result is good,has reached the advanced level of similar products.Products by the state mine safety equipment testing center inspection,in line with MT/T208-1995,MT/T100-1995,MT/T466-1995 the standard specifications,security and product safety standard mark National Mine Center has awarded the coal safety signsZhunyong Zheng.
    Company covers an area of 19,000 square meters,total assets of 12 million yuan,enterprise located in Henan Province in the Central Plains region, the territory of the new Dutch railway across the East and West,106 State Road,north and south vertical crown,big wide highways,Ji-dong highway intersection here,the Westaway from the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway,Beijing-Guangzhou railway 60km,convenient transportation advantages are obvious.
    Build our brand,quality weaving the future,Huarui mining machinery standing at the Central Plains and the set of Delirenhu,with scientific management system,office automation system,strong production capacity, advanced detection methods and a strong sales network,to create a good quality,the price fair "to sharp force" brand series of products,services in the mining, metallurgy,lifting,ports,terminals,chemical,and mechanical and other industries.
    Huarui mining machine will be first-class products,first-class service and resonable price,based on the market and win the trust of the user."Huarui a shake hands,life-long friends",we wholeheartedly with the new and old customers hand in hand,create brilliant.
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